How Old Was Thalia When She Got Married

Thalia, the Mexican singer and actress, is known for her incredible talent and beauty. She has captivated audiences around the world with her music and acting skills. However, one aspect of her life that many people are curious about is her age when she got married. In this article, we will explore how old Thalia was when she got married, as well as eight interesting facts about her.

How old was Thalia when she got married?

Thalia got married for the first time when she was just 18 years old. She tied the knot with her first husband, fellow Mexican singer and actor, Ariadne Diaz, in 1997. The couple had a lavish wedding ceremony that was attended by many of their friends and family members.

Interesting facts about Thalia:

1. Thalia was born on August 26, 1971, in Mexico City, Mexico. She is of Greek, Spanish, and Mexican descent.

2. Thalia started her career at a young age, appearing in various telenovelas and TV shows before launching her music career.

3. She gained international fame with her role in the telenovela “Marimar,” which aired in more than 180 countries.

4. Thalia has released several successful albums, including “Amor a la Mexicana” and “Arrasando,” which have sold millions of copies worldwide.

5. In addition to her music career, Thalia has also ventured into acting, starring in films such as “Mambo Café” and “The Marrying Man.”

6. Thalia is known for her philanthropic work and has supported various causes, including children’s charities and cancer research.

7. Thalia has been married three times and has two children. After her divorce from Ariadne Diaz, she married music executive Tommy Mottola in 2000. They have two children together.

8. Thalia continues to be a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, with a successful music and acting career that spans over three decades.

Common questions about Thalia:

1. How many albums has Thalia released?

Thalia has released over 15 albums throughout her career.

2. What is Thalia’s net worth?

Thalia’s net worth is estimated to be around $60 million.

3. How many children does Thalia have?

Thalia has two children with her husband, Tommy Mottola.

4. What are some of Thalia’s biggest hits?

Some of Thalia’s biggest hits include “Amor a la Mexicana,” “Piel Morena,” and “No Me Enseñaste.”

5. Has Thalia won any awards for her music?

Thalia has won several awards for her music, including multiple Latin Grammy Awards and Billboard Latin Music Awards.

6. What other projects has Thalia been involved in?

In addition to her music and acting career, Thalia has also written several books and launched her own fashion line.

7. Is Thalia still active in the entertainment industry?

Yes, Thalia continues to release music and act in films and TV shows.

8. How did Thalia meet her husband, Tommy Mottola?

Thalia met Tommy Mottola through mutual friends in the music industry.

9. What inspired Thalia to become a singer?

Thalia has said that she was inspired by her love of music and performing from a young age.

10. Does Thalia have any upcoming projects?

Thalia is currently working on a new album and has hinted at a possible return to acting.

11. What languages does Thalia speak?

Thalia is fluent in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

12. Has Thalia ever performed in concert?

Yes, Thalia has performed in concert around the world, selling out arenas and stadiums.

13. What is Thalia’s most popular telenovela?

Thalia’s most popular telenovela is “Marimar,” which was a huge success in Mexico and abroad.

14. Does Thalia have any siblings?

Yes, Thalia has four siblings, including her sister Laura Zapata, who is also an actress.

15. What is Thalia’s favorite part of being a performer?

Thalia has said that her favorite part of being a performer is connecting with her fans and sharing her music with them.

16. Has Thalia ever taken a break from her career?

Thalia took a break from her career in the early 2000s to focus on her family and personal life.

17. What advice does Thalia have for aspiring musicians and actors?

Thalia advises aspiring musicians and actors to work hard, stay true to themselves, and never give up on their dreams.

In conclusion, Thalia has had a successful career in the entertainment industry, with a string of hit albums and successful acting roles. Despite getting married at a young age, she has managed to balance her personal and professional life with grace and style. Thalia continues to inspire her fans with her talent and dedication to her craft, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

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